Twin City Greetings, Inc. is a locally owned corporation. Started in 1988, it has become the largest independent distributor in the upper Midwest.

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BB50 Insect Repelling Bug Bracelets 50/PDQ
BB50 Insect Repelling Bug Bracelets 50/PDQ
Repels mosquito's and other bugs. Made from pure, natural oils and is proven effective against most biting insects. Waterproof, safe and non toxic for children. Effective for 200 hours. This is a non guaranteed sale only.
2021 Special- Buy 2 displays get 2 free! (Your cost is only .38 cents with this special deal).
Your cost is .75 cents X 50 pieces=$37.50 per PDQ. Suggested retail $1.99 ea.
Minimum order = 1-PDQ of 50.